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Lovely photos from my mum's wedding by Jo Hastings

Anonymous asked: Did you get scouted at the clothes show live???

No I wasn’t :) although lots of people at select were

Anonymous asked: I think your amazing. Thankyou for your answers!

Aww, no problem. Thank you for asking :). X

Anonymous asked: How tall were you when you were 14??

5’9! I have not grown since I was 14 :)

Anonymous asked: Do you get treated differently in school because your a model, do teachers favourite you?

I don’t think so. When I take time off school I always make sure I catch up. I like to think that the teachers like me because I work hard! X

Anonymous asked: Do the teachers know you are a model and if so do they treat you differently to everyone else?

Some of my teachers know and some of them like to keep updated with my new pictures. They do not treat me differently though, which is good. X

Anonymous asked: Your look is exquisite! What has been your most favourite item of clothing you've ever had to model for a designer? :)

Thank you- you are very kind. My favourite ever collection I have modelled was the Vivienne Westwood Red Carpet Capsule Collection. I loved if because the dresses all fitted so well and the material was so lovely to touch. It also had a lovely ‘British’ feel about it, having a big Union flag in the design of one of the long dresses. I also loved a blazer style furry jacket which I shot for the new Antipodium ss14 look book! X

Anonymous asked: how do you get to be a model and who are you modelling with ?

I got scouted by lots of different agencies since I was about 13. I am currently modelling with select model management in London, who are brilliant- I absolutely love them. X

Anonymous asked: Hello, may I ask why haven't you done any shows in New York, Paris or Milan yet? Your very model like. You could be the next Kate Moss or Gemma Ward. Are you focusing on school or something?

Hello! Yes, I am focussing on school at the moment. I have almost finished my last year of high school and then I’m moving on to university. I consider myself am academic person, so going to university is something that is close to my heart and is top of my priorities. I love my job as a model and I love fashion week, so doing shows abroad is something I would love to do in the near future. Stay tuned! X

Anonymous asked: how did you get into modelling? your absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you! I was scouted by lots of different agencies, including select. I then started work with select when I was 17. At first I started with a few test shoots and things have moved on from there ever since :) xx

Anonymous asked: How many bottles of water would you say you drink a day?

I’d say about 4- I am for about 2 litres of fluid :) x

Anonymous asked: you are very naturally beautiful and photogenic!:) and your figure is amazing how do you stay so slim?

Thank you. You are so kind. Low intensity toning work and drinking lots of water. :)